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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There are tips and tricks to making a great donut, just like any type of cooking. Not all Apple Pies are equal and not all donuts are equal.

**Your oil must be at the correct temperature and that is usually close to 375 degrees.

**Do not put too many donuts in your fryer at one time. For large deep fryers this will only be about 4 at one time. Donuts don't like crowds.

**Do not over fry your donuts. You want to turn them when they rise to the top of the oil and are golden brown on the under side.

**Refrigerate you dough so that it remains workable and use the dough as soft as possible.

**Always - Always use clean oil and do not use oil you cooked fish in.

Drain your fresh donuts over the fryer for a couple minutes and then place them on absorbent paper

When you use the cutter - use a nice straight up and down motion. Do not twist the cutter even though it might seem a good way to cut. It will mess up your donut.

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